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Julia Pavlova ID 0106 / Beautiful Russian and Ukrainian Girls For Dating and Marriage
Julia Pavlova ID 0106
City: Kostroma
Country: Russia
Age: 21 (29 april 1982)
Status: Never married
Height: 5' 3,3" (1.61m)
Weigh: 112 lbs. (51kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Gray-blue
Religion: Christian
Children: No
Education: High School
Occupation: Working
Languages: Fluent English
Smoker: No
Drinks: Seldom
Type of relations: Long term or marriage, any...
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Telephone: Yes
Post address: Yes
Other: ---
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About me
I love to travel, to go by speed on night city, to carry spend time with the cheerful, interesting people, frequently I visit bases of rest, I adore shish kebabs. Much I do not want to write about myself, rest I shall leave behind frameworks of this questionnaire, if I shall interest somebody, write, I shall tell something interesting about myself and life. The letters send it is desirable with a photo.
About him
I appreciate in the men mind, kindness, generosity, beauty, humour and romanticism.

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