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To take part in advertising campaign "Nudes-Ladies", you should be the owner or webmaster of a site. If you want to involve on the site of the new visitors, and were ready to advertise him with the help of our system.

Rules of participation:
1. The participants undertake completely and without changes to establish on the pages a given HTML-code for display banners.
2. It is forbidden accommodation banners on pages, which automatically pass to other pages without desire of the user. As accommodation banner on page or in frame is inadmissible which is updated without any actions of the user.
3. The sites are not accepted to participation:
а) Devoted to earnings in the Internet;
b) Porno, XXX;
c) Containing obscene expressions;
d) Poor-quality home pages;
e) Political sites of extreme directions (overthrow working state building, national intolerance, and any discrepancy to the working Ukrainian laws).
4. The administration reserves the right to itself to refuse in participation sites, which are not switched on in the mentioned above categories.
5. Administration in the right to not accept in an exchange banners, which will consider indecent, offending human advantage, etc. the Administration is not obliged to make comments on the accepted decisions. The participant of a network can at any moment leave from advertising of the project by the notice of administration on the accepted decision.

Agree with rules? Successful registration.

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The Beautiful Russian and Ukrainian Ladies for acquaintance.</b></a>

The information about your site:
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An online International Introduction Dating Agency for single men seeking ladies for dating, romance, sex, love, marriage, relationships, penpals with Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus women.

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Сайт посвящен русским девушкам желающим обрести женское счастье, познакомиться и выйти замуж. Рекомендации, советы и многое другое интересное и полезное!

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