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Julia Koptelova ID 0070/ / Beautiful Russian and Ukrainian Girls For Dating and Marriage Julia Koptelova ID 0070
20 (5 October 1983)
Never married
5' 7" (1.70 m)
110 lbs. (50 kg)
Hair Color:
Blonde/Light Brown
Eye Color:
No children
I am a student
Russian, fluent English
Type of relations:
Professional activity,
Long term or marriage
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About me
One of my passions is traveling. I think both of my professions modeling and public relations are impossible without traveling. I am fond of sightseeing.
The scientific and technological progress of the 20th century has allowed people to overcome time and distance, to cover in the twinkle of an eye the vast in the vast expanse of our planet.
I am fond of sightseeing.
Others my hobbies include sport. We are healthy when all parts of our body and of our mind work together property. We cannot be happy unless we feel well. "A healthy mind in a healthy body".
I never smoke or drink alcohol. My favorite sports are swimming, volleyball, cycling, shaping. In winter- skiing in the countryside.
On Sundays I practice my favorite sport of all- sleeping!
I am willing to travel, if all expenses are paid. Available for assignments worldwide.

I have ended local model school G-M and I have diploma of expiration training.
In present time I'm taking part in local contests of beauty that is going in my country and other- in my city. The first is the "most beautiful girl in Russia", who reads one famous newspaper. And the second - "the most beautiful girl from Ural". In the last days of December I'll know results. I hope for good luck and I have that whole life ahead of me, and I'm sure future is bright and full of promise!

I like study English, because more and more people realize that every educated person should know a foreign language, especially English, cause this language is becoming a universal on our planet. One person out of six in the world knows English. No matter what I am to be in the future- model or specialist on public relations- I know quite well just now I must speak English perfectly. I could read books and periodical in the original, go on sightseeing tours and understand TV and radio programs.
Also I fond of reading. I like Russian classic, such as Dostoevsky and Kuprin, Pushkin, as well as foreign literature. I've recently read two books, which have made a very deep impression on me. The first of them is " Granat bracelet" of Kuprin and "Gone with wind" of Margaret Mitchell. It was really unforgettable reading.
I like listening to music modern and classic. I like noise of big cities and a great number of people. I'm young and I love have fun.

In free time I write articles for local newspapers, mainly about life of modern teenagers and youth. It also will be useful for my future profession.
I'm often rambling in Internet and chat with my friends from seaside, and it's so interesting and useful. Computer is irreplaceable thing. Without the computer the 21st century would be impossible.

People say that I'm very kind and caring person. I want to help people who have any problems. I never forget kindness you did for me. I can control my character. I know value to me, but it does not mean, that I selfish. I almost always tell true, but sometimes it's not very good to do it.
At performance of work I show iron will. I'm Purposeful and Endurance as well.
I always try to be in a good mood.

I live in an average Russian family. There five of us: mother Natalie (works In a department of supply at factory of ice-cream) she is very warm-hearted, generous, optimistic and lively. I love her so much; father Anatoly (is The welder), sister Marina, niece Alexandra (she is a baby aged 7.5 months) and me. Also I have pets: dog Rem and kitten Peach.

I'd like to be a specialist of public relations if I won't be a model. Or a news reporter on TV I think it would be very interesting and enjoyable to go out and find out things and then present them on the news. I like to communicate with people and it helps me in my beginning of my professions.

About him
I admire in people tolerance, kindness, generosity, sincere, mind.
That I annoy in people are selfishness, Roughness.

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