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Elena Nagirnaya ID 0475 / Beautiful Russian and Ukrainian Girls For Dating and Marriage
Elena Nagirnaya ID 0475
City:  Krasnoyrsk
Country:  Russia
Age:  27 (08 June 1976)
Status:  Single
Height:  5' 9.7" (1.77 m)
Weigh:  135 lbs. (61kg)
Hair color:  Blond
Eye Color:  Green
Religion:  Christian
Children:  None
Education:  High, University
Occupation:  Legal
Languages:  Some English
Smoker:  No
Drinks:  Social/Occasional
Type of relations:  Long term or marriage
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E-mail:  Yes
Telephone:  Yes
Post address:  Yes
Other:  Mobil phone, ICQ
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About me
I am 27 years old from Krasnoiarsk, Sibiria.
My profession: lawyer, qualified appraiser, florist.
My interests: travel, sport - swim, ski, bowling, billiards; photography, grow flower, picture for grass, branch and foliage. I liked drive a car. I like cook food.
My personality: I am cultured, merry, dreamer, attentive.
About him
Serious, smart, responsible, honest, kind, loyal, elegant, gentle,
optimistic, responsible, independent, generous, cheerful, liking travels and adventures.

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